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Understanding the Danger of Basement Fires

Every year, an estimated 6,500 homes suffer basement fires across the United States. These fires tend to be especially threatening, with 65 deaths and 400 injuries associated with these fires, which might have been avoided if there was an egress window. What is the potential harm of a basement fire, and how can an egress window potentially save you if a basement fire happens?

What is the Danger of a Basement Fire?

    Basement fires are dangerous for a number of reasons, including the fact that most basements do not have effective drainage or ventilation. However, one of the biggest reasons that basement fires are disproportionately lethal is because most basements do not have easy methods of egress, or ways to safely get out. If a fire winds up blocking the stairs out of a basement, for example, it may become impossible to exit without potentially sustaining life threatening injuries.

How Do Basement Fires Get Started?

    There are many ways for basement fires to get started, whether accidentally or intentionally. Some of the most common causes for basement fires include:

  • Malfunctioning electrical systems or appliances
  • Fires from heating systems or space heaters
  • Open flames, including candles or incense
  • Fires from improperly discarded cigarettes or other smoking implements
  • Cooking fires, including from portable burners and hotplates.
  • Natural fires, such as from lightning strikes or wildfires
  • Fires caused by operating equipment incorrectly
  • Intentionally set fires (i.e. arson)

How Do Egress Windows Help?

    Egress windows can be installed in a basement to give people an additional means of escaping a basement without needing to climb up a flight of stairs. These windows are designed to be easily opened from inside, and are far less likely to become blocked or unpassable in the event of a basement fire. This greatly reduces the risk of injury or death, potentially saving your life or the life of your loved ones.

Should I Get an Egress Window?

    If you have a basement in your home and you do not yet have an egress window, you should strongly consider getting one. Not only will it make your home safer in the event of a fire, it could potentially save your life. That is why you should trust the renovation experts at Clearview Construction, who can install an egress window in your home and help protect you against the dangers of a basement fire.

    If you are interested in getting your building up to code, or have any other construction or renovation issues, please give Clearview Construction a call at 631-913-8441 or visit our contact page. 

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