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Vacation Home Cited for 29 Safety Violations After Death of Sisters

A Southampton Town vacation home was cited for 29 separate safety violations after a fire broke out in the home and killed two sisters. The owners of the home were accused of making illegal renovations and alterations to their home, and for failing to maintain safety measures like smoke or carbon monoxide detectors. This, according to officials, may have contributed to the outbreak of the fatal fire.

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Understanding the Danger of Basement Fires

Every year, an estimated 6,500 homes suffer basement fires across the United States. These fires tend to be especially threatening, with 65 deaths and 400 injuries associated with these fires, which might have been avoided if there was an egress window. What is the potential harm of a basement fire, and how can an egress window potentially save you if a basement fire happens?

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Is Your Home Compliant With the Fire Code?

Effective this April, New York City has a new fire code in place that changes a variety of regulations related to buildings and renovations. Staying compliant with the fire code is not just important for legal purposes, but also because it protects you and the people you care about from harm. So how do you know if your home or workplace is compliant with the fire code, and what should you do if it is not? Continue reading “Is Your Home Compliant With the Fire Code?”

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